Ex-Trump Strategist Explains How To Win A Presidential Campaign, on The Circus - Tonight

The Clintons' War on Women

Join the Circus - TONIGHT, on Showtime, to hear what veteran political strategist and NY Times Best Selling author, Roger Stone, has to say about the Trump and the leading presidential candidates, politics in general, his books and his predictions on the upcoming elections, while showing off his collection of unique political artifacts and memorabilia that have been collected over more than 40 years of political theatrics - and displayed in Stone’s private Nixon museum. 

Bloomberg TV hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann go in depth with Stone to learn what it takes to run a presidential campaign and discuss who in 2016 has the momentum to move into the White House.

Tune-in tonight to Showtime - at 8:00 PM, to gain an understanding of how presidential campaigns are orchestrated and to learn who in 2016 has the best ability to become president, and why.